Clients who Scam Psychics

For being in the psychic business, many readers are not very good at listening to their intuition. Sure, they know who is calling before they pick up the phone or sense when their partner eats the last Mars Bar, but when it comes to acting on that intuition? That's where we slack.

 What happens when clients scam the readers? - Advice for intuitives, psychics, aromatherapists, yoga gurus, Tarot readers, Astrologers, crystal healers and other entrepreneurs in the spiritual industry.

I cannot stress how important that it is, before a reading, that you assess the energy of a potential client. Before you even let them book with you, as yourself, "Do I like this seeker? Do I get a good feeling from them? Or is my intuition screaming for me to run the other way?"

Several years ago, I got an email from a potential client. This woman lived somewhat close to me, but she requested an email reading (which was odd).

Over the course of several emails, I got the impression that she was a bit pushy and demanding. She wanted a custom spread (25 cards), was trying to haggle me on price and asked (more than once) if I had a refund policy. She wanted the reading within the next few hours but didn't specify what she wanted it for (just a general reading).

I could feel my spirits warning me not to read this woman, but I agreed. I did her reading, typed it up and sent it away.

It wasn't even two minutes after I hit send that she requested her money back. She wouldn't have had time to read the reading. After I asked her why, she sent me a list of the points I made in the reading which she agreed with, even details such as the color of the shirt her partner was currently wearing. But she didn't agree with the future, (which obviously hasn't happened yet) and she wanted her money back.

At the time, my Facebook page was a significant source of business for me, and I relied heavily on reviews. She threatened to review me poorly and tell people I was a fraud if I didn't refund her money. So I did, I paid her to go away.

I had heard from other readers about seekers who go around buying readings to request refunds, but I honestly thought it would never happen to me, but it did. I have even heard of other readers buying readings from other readers to then request refunds for no reason. Or buying readings and products so that they can review them poorly on sites like Amazon and Fivver.

There are people in the world who do this to get free readings, which I suspect was this client's motives. Therefore, this post is to warn you that this does happen. So what are the signs that a client may be up to no good?

1. They repeatedly asked about the refund policy. They do this because they want to assess how much of a fight it will take for them to score a refund.

2. They have negative energy which will be reflected in the way they speak. For example, my 'client' emailed me comments like, "you better be good."

3. They don't want to meet you face to face. Scammers rarely book face to face or even Skype readings because they like to have some form of anonymity.

4. They haggle on price and timeframe. Stay away from any seeker who demands special treatment in the form of discounts, turnaround time and even things like custom Tarot spreads. Usually, this is a sign that they do not respect you or value your work.

5. They do not want to pay before the reading takes place. This one never happened to me, but it has to my friends. Always clear payment before performing readings.

6. They give you a bad feeling. They can come across as overbearing and demanding but can also be manipulative in the way that they attempt to make you feel sorry for them or sympathetic before the reading even takes place. Stay away from seekers with toxic energy.

If you suspect that your seeker may be like this, don't read them. It is your right to say no. Trust me; there are some people in this world you do not want as clients. And, if you're going to make sure you're only providing for clients who excite you and won't scam you, you can learn all about that (and making more money) from my Psychic in Business E-Book.

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 Who should you not read Tarot cards for? If you're reading cards or you are a psychic, reading professional is not the same as reading for free. You will get seekers who want to scam you. Here are the signs that you're beginning to get scared as a spiritual entrepreneur and how to avoid it. Deck is the Rider Waite Smith article by Intuitive in Business.