One Year in Business

(Note: This business report was originally written before the creation of this website, at the time listed on the heading (May 2017). This report show where my head was at during that particular time. These reports track how I built my main website which is now my main source of income, and sees over 350K hits a month. I have published them here to show how my business has developed so - if you’re interested, read on!)

It has been a little over a year since Divination and Fortune-Telling has become a thing. And, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported the website by sharing the blogs, and helped it to be this massive monster which it now is!

I started work on a blogpost which detailed exactly what happened in my life and business in the year since I launched Divination & Fortune-Telling. However, the post ended up being 10,000 words long and that was only when I wrote the first 6 months lol Therefore, I saved what I had written on my computer (for another project) and decided to start again with this post. Here, I am going to share my plans going forward into year 2. 

I never once imagined that this website would be as successful as it is after only 12 months. This site sees over 130,000 page views per month, has over 3000 newsletter subscribers, and is ranked as one of the the top 1 million websites in the world for traffic (nearly in the top half a million, so close!). I actually can’t believe it! 

It’s funny, because it took me months to get my hand out of my ass and actually build the website. At the time I was creating it I was so tired, stressed and depressed. I didn’t know if all the work I planned on doing was going to be worth it or pay off. I had: 

- No subscribers.

- Pretty much no followers. I had started again on my social media platforms. I only had 350 connections on Facebook.

- Hardly any friends. Most of my friends in the industry and an association I was in had turned their backs on me because I didn’t have a platform anymore (bet they’re regretting that now haha). 

And here is where I'm got to within 365 days of my site launch: 

To be where I am now (and not have to post in toxic Facebook groups to get my posts seen) is just amazing. I am super grateful to my friends, family, students, readers, subscribers and followers, old and new, thank you all very much!

Because I am now not running around like a headless chicken, trying to get this thing off the ground, I plan on returning to the ‘site review’ blog series, where every month I give my site stats (for SEO purposes I’m going to rename them ‘Psychic Business Reviews’). However, I am doing them with a twist.

I have thought long and hard about what I want to achieve in year two of Divination & Fortune-Telling. I have 15 goals which are goals I want to hit between now and May 1st2019. Below, I have listed these goals. Each month my ‘site reports’ will discuss how I am doing with achieving these milestones: the monthly site reviews will keep me accountable. 

It's funny because my weekly horoscope warned me against be overly ambitious, but still I am putting these goals out there into the universe and seeing if I can hit them. 

So, what’s in store for year two here at Divination & Fortune-Telling? Here are the goals I plan on achieving: 


Now that my website has consistent traffic, it is worth my time monetising it more (listing things for sale). Because I want to keep Divination & Fortune-Telling as an educational platform, I won’t be listing services, but will still be offering courses. 

I was swithering between whether to offer my courses and workshops as stand-alone courses or as a membership site, especially my Tarot and Lenormand courses. For my students, it’s basically the difference between paying one set fee to learn, say, Lenormand at $300 or paying $97 per year to take all of the courses. 

For the last year, I have ran standalone workshops and courses. However, something has always went wrong, such as issues with payment not being processed. I am taking this as a sign that a membership site is the way to go. 

I will be offering a membership option with my Tarot Techniques and Learn Lenormand course; if you join Divination & Fortune-Telling as a member you will get access to both these courses, plus monthly workshops, weekly card spreads etc. for a yearly fee. And, I’ll be processing the payments through PayPal not Stripe (who have a habit of not processing transactions). I will be launching this in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Year Two Goal: Launch membership site. 

Year Two Goal: Get 100 members to Divination & Fortune-Telling’s membership site. Ambitious but I think we can do it. 


Every week, I pretty much just wing my newsletter. However, I think it’s time that I have more structure; which is better for both me and my readers. I usually don't even write a newsletter every week, so this is something I am going to improve on! 

Over the next year, I plan on increasing Divination & Fortune-Telling’s subscribers from 3000 subscribers to 10,000. I got 3000 in the first year easily, so I think getting another 7,000 will be a breeze as long as the content stays good.  

Year Two Goal: Write weekly newsletters. Apart from when I have time off which is hardly ever! Another thing I need to change lol

Year Two Goal: Increase the newsletter from 3,000 - 10,000 subscribers. 


I fully intend on updating all of the freebies on the site. I think they currently just look a little old and outdated. It could just be because I have been looking at them for over a year, but honestly, they are annoying me. 

Other than Master Mystic, all of the other site’s freebies will have the same content; if anything they’ll be better. 

I also want to offer my subscribers a free Beginner’s Tarot course. The reason for this, is because I want to make sure everyone reading the newsletter knows at least the basics in one divination method, so they know what I am on about! I will work on the Beginner’s Tarot Course some time soon. 

Year Two Goal: Update all site Freebies.

Year Two Goal: Create free Beginners Tarot Course. 


If you’re a reoccurring visitor, it will be pretty obvious to you that most of the post on this site fall into roughly 5 categories: Tarot, Lenormand, General Divination, Business Development and Psychic Development. I do intend on featuring more categories, but first I need to sort out the ones I already have!

When you first visit this site, you can’t really tell that the content is divided into these categories. Because the site is so big, I want to make it obvious that it focuses on these things, and make it easier for visitors to find everything. Therefore, the navigation of the website will soon be updated.  

I will be creating different sections for the blog articles. So, you’ll go one place if you need Tarot, another if you need business tips etc. This is something I am going to get on soon!

While I am restructuring the categories, I need to fix some things like spelling mistakes, inbound links and where the images on the site sit (which has been annoying me). The about pages and home pages also need updated. I might as well kill two birds with one stone and do this while I restructure the site. 

Year Two Goal: Restructure site, add sections and rewrite the main site pages.


I have written a few e-books which I have featured on the site, one of which is the Love Tarot Spreads E-Book. This one is rather popular, so I will be writing more books. 

I’ve got a few thoughts about the types of books I want to write. I have already started working on one, which is about staying in business while being a psychic, Psychic in Business, which I will publish in the next week or two. 

I do intend on writing a print book and will do this within the next year. I can write 10,000+ words in 6 hours so time isn't an issue lol my priority just now, however, is getting the membership site up and running, so this will be something I’ll focus on later in the year. 

Year Two Goal: Write and publish another 4 e-books on Divination & Fortune-Telling. 

Year Two Goal: Publish a print book. 


I have been approached by a few people to write articles for their blogs and websites. Some of them are actually rather mainstream, and professional which is a bit nerve wracking! I am obviously going to take these opportunities and write for them. 

This next year, I am going to make more of a habit of submitting articles for publication to other blogs, and websites. I also plan on giving more interviews in things like podcasts. Hopefully, doing this will introduce Divination & Fortune-Telling to a wider audience. 

Year Two Goal: I plan to submit articles or give interviews to at least another 12 places whether that’s for blogs, magazines, radio, podcasts, TV etc.


I have this majorly ambitious dream to make Divination & Fortune-Telling THE divination hub on the internet. One of my plans, is to add symbolism and palmistry sections to this site. I am hoping that this will help the site reach the numbers I want for year 2. 

A year ago, I told one of my friends that one day this website (which I hadn’t even finished building yet lol) would have over 100k views a month. He told me I was nuts. I hit that goal, not ‘one day’ but within 11 months of launching the site. 

Therefore, I have this crazy, crazy image in my head that - just as quickly - I can grow this site to 1 million views a month. So, that’s my plan. Hopefully, in the next year I will be at 1 million views a month. An insane goal, but I know if I try hard I can hit that. 

Year Two Goal: Get 1 million site hits per month. 

Year Two Goal: Post at least another 20 blogposts, not including ‘Site Reports” or the weekly sign posts. 


Offering free online workshops really benefitted my subscribers in January. Soon, divination workshops will be back!

I had actually changed the ‘theme’ (which affects the page structure) of this website a couple of months ago, so that I could host Divination Workshops on this site, instead of a separate site like I was doing before. Once I have the time, I will do more free online workshops. 

Year Two Goal: My goal for this next year, is to run at least another 10 free, online divination workshops. 


This may not initially look like it is linked to my website or reading business, but (trust me lol) my business is greatly affected by my health, and vice versa. 

I have pretty shitty health. I’m only 28 but have arteritis in my hands, feet, neck and knee plus tendonitis on other parts of my body. Obviously, being in chronic pain has an impact on my work. 

Although I am not overweight, a specialist told me it was best if I got down to the lower end of my BMI; this will be less stress on my body. I am currently about 150lbs (just over 10 and a half stone). I’ve to get down to 130 lbs (just over 9 stone). UGH. 

It’s actually pretty crap because I just want to lie on the couch with a plain double cheeseburger and a can of coke, binge watching palaeoanthropology documentaries. However, I suppose I better take better care of myself. I want to be able to teach divination for the rest of my life, so plan on getting to optimal health for my circumstances. I decided to add these health goals into my business plans: 

Year Two Goal: Get down to doctor’s recommendation BMI and give up fizzy juice for 52 weeks (so hard lol). 

Not that hard, is it? 

That’s my goals for the next year. If I write some of the goals in terms of weeks, it means I have to stick to them (because if I miss a week, there’s no going back!). So, my monthly site reports will look at how I am doing with regards to: 

- Start membership site. 

- Get 100 members to membership site. 

- Write weekly newsletters for subscribers (52). 

- Increase subscribers to 10,000. 

- Update all 6 site freebies. 

- Create free Beginner’s Tarot Course.

- Update site. 

- Publish another 20 blogposts. 

- Publish another 4 e-books.

- Publish a print book. 

- Make 12 guest appearances on other blogs, podcasts etc. 

- Get 1 million site hits per month. 

- Run another 10 free online divination workshops. 

- Loose the doctor’s recommended 20 lbs. 

- Stay off the fizzy juice for one year. (52 weeks)

Most people might look at these goals and think they are overly ambitious and insane. I’ll admit it I am insane lol but I know that, if I work on it every day and stay committed, I can do it.

So, that’s my crazy plans for the next 365 days, we’ll see how they go! Thank you for reading my plans and my blog! Let’s smash year two! 

Finally if you would like to keep in touch and follow my journey, plus get a free e-guide which includes 40 ways which you can diversify your income as a professional in the spiritual industry, then feel free to check out my free guide below. It’s fun, free and instantly downloadable on mobile, tablet and computer!