Business Report: July 2017

(Note: This business report was originally written before the creation of this website, at the time listed on the heading (July 2017). This report show where my head was at during that particular time. These reports track how I built my main website which is now my main source of income, and sees over 350K hits a month. I have published them here to show how my business has developed so - if you’re interested, read on!)

On the 1st of every month, I am going to be sharing the progress of my website, I am giving you the insider scoop on my fails and wins for 3 reasons:

1. To measure the popularity of divination and prediction. I want to see how many people are into spiritual subjects now and see how this compares to the future.

2. To keep myself accountable. If I make my stats public, I feel the pressure to consistently improve them!

3. To share what I have learned. I understand that many people in my audience are psychic business owners who are also interested in growing their own websites. I hope that, if this is you, you can take something away for yourself.

I created this site around May 2017 and started my newsletter, Facebook Page and Pinterest account to go along with it. Therefore, these site reports will give you my journey from pretty much the bottom to wherever I am going. 

I am only going to be looking at my website and newsletter stats, not financial ones. I am unsure how I feel about doing this and right now, I am more focused on list building and forming relationships. So, let’s get to it!


July Site Views: +5580

July Newsletter Sign Ups: +309

July Pinterest Followers: +150

July Facebook Likers: +10

July Twitter Followers: +40

July Instagram Followers: +30


Site Views: 13k

Newsletter Sign Ups: 450/381*

Pinterest: 200

Facebook: 130

Twitter: 1180

Instagram: 1100


*Previously, I had imported subscribers from another email provider. For some reason, these subscribers are not showing up in the Total part of the stats but they are receiving their newsletters. The total number is 450 but only 381 are making an appearance. Next month I am going to count from 381 subscribers as this is a lot less confusing but I have put it in here just in case you are wondering why 300 people signed up in July but 100+ people took Master Mystic in May (as stated in a previous site report).

As you can see, in July this site did exceptionally well by tripling the newsletter and Pinterest subscribers. I also hit over the 10k views mark! In previous sites I have run it has taken about 9 months to get the first 10k views so doing it in 12 weeks is just unreal.

I’m kind of kicking myself now because I did really shit in June; the site barely grew at all that month. I had grown it in May but the level of effort I had to put in to do that was not worth the output. Now I see these stats, which I achieved with a lot less work, I think I could have saved myself a lot of heartache, money and stress by correcting my mistakes early.

There are a few things I did to get these results and a couple of things I wish I had avoided! 


For the month of July, I decided to put my foot on the peddle and commit to my website. Teaching divination and spirituality is my idea of a dream job and I am transitioning out of doing readings and into teaching and writing full time. Therefore, my website is the hub of my business so I better take it seriously!

Ever since I was a young child, I have had this fantasy of a place you could go to get all of this divination information (I didn’t play with dolls HA). My plan is to build RSS into a fortune telling hub where you can come if you want to get card meanings, sign meanings, dream meanings, the lot! Obviously, this is going to take a lot of hard work so I am glad that I have gotten so much done in July.


At the start of the month, I had a super strong urge to list readings on my website but I am glad I didn’t. I haven’t read online in about 7 months and it is something I intend on staying away from. When you run a business, it is very hard to brand yourself for two things (teaching and reading) and while it can be done it is best to pick a lane and stay in it. Therefore, I choose teaching for my online stuff and reading for everything face to face (although this is starting to change into teaching as well).  

Another thing I was struggling with was a course I was getting ready to launch. It was a business development course for psychics, but we ran the numbers and it did not look good. The conversion of the opt-in was only around 7% which is good but compared to the other opt-ins, it was under performing (my free eBooks convert at between 25-30%). Usually, I just jump into things and see how it goes but this project would have cost us an additional £400 a month. On top of this, based on the rate of conversions and statistics it would have been at least 6 months before we had a break even month. It looked like nothing but a huge money pit, so my partner and I decided to put the project on the back burner for now.

I am unsure why the numbers were so terrible. I suspect it may have something to do with the project covering two subjects; it is for psychics but also is business development. It was difficult to optimise for search engines like Google and Pinterest. There is also the possibility that there just isn’t a market for it.

As a general rule, if you want to find out if there is a market for something, you offer a freebie. Don’t ask your friends or newsfeed. Even if your friends are your market, if you want the undiluted truth, you have to know how strangers will react to your proposal. If people aren’t racing to download your freebie, then they’re not going to buy your paid offer.

If you are thinking of doing a course, you do not have to do too much research. However, if it is something you are thinking of putting a considerable amount of money into then you have to put your freebie and blog posts out there and run the numbers. You have to be realistic otherwise you can waste a lot of time, energy and money.

So, my main win this month was taking the time to sit down and run the numbers. By doing so, I realised that, for now, focusing on the divination side of my site was the way to go. I initially wanted to include everything related to performing, improving and promoting your readings on my site but right now I am going to stick to prediction.

Prediction is a huge subject and there are many aspects to it which most people would not expect. In general, fortune telling is frond upon in the spiritual community but I have found that most people are interested in learning how to perform predictive readings. So, I put my predictive Tarot and Lenormand stuff out there and seen how it went. Here is June where I focused on business development compared to July where I focused on prediction: 

By the way, I should say that just because I am seeing success with teaching predictive divination doesn’t mean you will. I honestly believe that teaching the systems I have personally developed is my calling so the universe will make it possible for me to do so. You need to find your ‘thing’. AND you have to want to do it long-term because nothing is guaranteed success without hard work and commitment. There is no point in building a business based on something you do not like, understand or want to provide.

Getting the Major and Court predictive Tarot card meanings up on my website was no easy feat. It was literally like climbing a mountain, but I knew once I had began to put them up there was no going back. I then created an eBook to go along with the meanings and have seen phenomenal results with it. Thank you everyone who downloaded it! 


I spoke at the TABI conference (a Tarot association) at Aston University in Birmingham and I loved it! The other presenters were great, the audience was amazing and my talk went really well. The day I did my talk was also statistically our most successful day in terms of the stats being measured so this was an added bonus.

People think I am crazy but I don’t get nervous or worry when I am talking in front of people. The more people who are there the less anxious I am about presenting. I am unsure why this is but I suspect it is because I really love to teach so I will be giving more talks in the future.


Another reason why my newsletter grew by over 300 people, was because I focused on Pinterest. Because I had seen other bloggers get such amazing results with this platform, I had previously taken a Pinterest course. However, I tried and tried many times to conquer Pinterest but just couldn’t seem to hit the numbers. Then, almost overnight my pins began to get 100 repins here and there. Now, many of my articles have been pinned 200+ times and one is close to 500 pins which is just CRAZY! It is insane to watch it grow.  

I don’t have a lot of followers on Pinterest (just over 200) but my accounthas grown by about 140 people this month. Unlike other social media platforms you don’t need a lot of followers to get your stuff seen. My pins are found because I named my pins something which is highly searchable, I pinned them to group boards, and I made them in the format my audience likes. Again, measuring what works was a big part in this months success.

Social media is somewhere where I like to kid myself. I want to post what I want to post but I am slowly learning it isn’t all about me. For my Pinterest to be successful, I had to look at the format of what was getting the 10k pins and mirror mine on that otherwise my articles weren’t going to get seen. Pinterest isn’t about going against the grain you have to do what works.


UGH I totally let my personal shit get in the way of my business stuff. Everything was going so well then BANG. In the middle of the month, I dropped the ball completely.

Basically, I had a fall out with an acquaintance. No fucks were given over that. My fuck field was barren. However, someone who we were both close to had chosen to get involved and we had an argument. The involvement of this person really messed me up because I felt betrayed. For an entire week it was all I could focus on. I couldn’t eat, sleep and had major anxiety all week. I couldn’t give energy to my business stuff and I stopped promoting my work. After a couple of days of neglect, I began to see my stats hits the floor:

Eventually, I dusted myself off and forgot about that shit. I cling to the belief that nothing is more important than the pursuit of your dreams, nothing should stand in the way of that. If anything similar ever happens again, I won’t let it hold me back for a week+.


I am persistent with my Pinterest account because the results are immediate. However, I wish I would have been more committed to my Facebook PageInstagram and Twitter account. Realistically, I do not think I am going to have too much time to write social media posts for August (I’ll try!) but in September I know I am gonna ramp it up.


My posts have just started to appear on Google (hooray!) However, because I have seen them this way I realise that I have not been filling out the meta data correctly which is essential for SEO. I thought the place you fill out the meta data on SquareSpace was completely different from the place it actually is so now I have to go back and fix 90% of my blogs.

Also, another thing I did was jumping into my predictive Tarot card meanings series without much planning. I began the posts in a very particular way but as time went on, I developed each card meanings to have more information. So, now the post’s formats are inconsistent. Things like that drive me CRAZY so I’ll need to go back and streamline everything. To save myself the bother, I should have did more planning before I began.


I’m not a manifestor and historically have not believed in that stuff. However, I am beginning to become a believer because things have been happening to me which have no logical explanation.

Some time last year, I began to notice that things I was focusing on were beginning to manifest into reality. At the same time, I started to see storks/herons everywhere. I mean everywhere. I have been seeing them so frequently that people close to me have commented on how they always see them when I am there. These birds are not my usual sign from my spirits so I know they mean something else. I have also began to get really bad déjà vu so obviously, something is happening.

Last month, something happened to a relative which made me really angry and I had been focusing on the incident. Then, that day was when everything began with me and the acquaintance. They were unrelated incidences, but I had a feeling my issues had manifested because I was focusing on my relative’s negativity. On the way home that day, I seen a heron standing at the side of the road.  

A few days later, I had anxiety over the argument with the mutual friend. That morning, I was telling someone that the way I felt reminded me of a break-up I had 6 years before. One of my exs had left me for another women. I have never seen this women face to face and she lives with my ex quite far away from me, in another district.

That day, my family decided to go to a beach on the coast of Scotland. I was waiting for my daughter and niece to get out of the toilet stalls. As I was standing there, in walks the woman my ex had the affair with. Both she and me just so happened to be at the same beach, miles away from home, in the same bathroom, on the same day, at the same time.

Then, a few weeks ago I compared my relatives predicament with that of my partner’s years before. The person who had previously caused my partner issues has resurfaced since then after having no contact with him for years.

The thing is me, my partner and relative are all the same age and have the same star sign. We are all Aquarius and close to going through our Saturn Returns (we are 27, 27 and 28). Myself and the relative have 6 planets in Capricorn and my partner has 5 in Capricorn; we also all have house stelliums. Therefore, I am unsure if this unusual level of conflict we have been experiencing and the people from the past returning is related to our charts, the manifesting, or both (time will tell).


For August, my plan is to continue expanding the online library by including finishing the Tarot card meanings and putting some other fortune telling things on there as well. As I did in July, I think I will be becoming a hermit and staying away from my other social platforms so that I can get work done.

I have removed my courses from the website. I have taken previous feedback into consideration and August will be spent improving them. Watch this space for the relaunches before 2018. 

Thanks everyone for making July our best one yet and I look forward to killing it in August. Have a great month! 

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