Business Report: 6 Months in Review

(Note: This business report was originally written before the creation of this website, at the time listed on the heading (October 2017). This report show where my head was at during that particular time. These reports track how I built my main website which is now my main source of income, and sees over 350K hits a month. I have published them here to show how my business has developed so - if you’re interested, read on!)

Would you believe it? It has been roughly 6 months since has become a thing! How exciting! Such a huge milestone! So, this month I thought I would do something a bit different for the progress report and give my 6 month review of the website.

Before I do that, I would like to begin by revealing that in the month of October we got over 22,000 site hits! Unreal! I actually am pinching myself that the site is growing so fast. Here’s October’s stats:

October’s Site Hits: 


October Site Visits: 22,500 hits

October Newsletter Subscribers: +370

Pinterest Followers: +53

Twitter Followers: +20

Instagram Followers: +15

Facebook Likers: +10


Total Site Hits: 61,000 hits

Total Newsletter Subscribers: 1,100 subscribers

Total Pinterest Followers: 471 followers

Total Twitter Followers: 1,241followers

Total Instagram Followers: 2,115 followers

Total Facebook Likers: 194 likers

If you’re curious, articles from have been shared close to 30,000 times since the site has had that name. However, I think the true number is probably around 40,000 shares but it is hard to tell because the articles shared with the old name do not appear on the share counter (although the site address is still valid). 


Before I jump into what I did each month to get those site hits and shares, I am first going to tell you how much I posted to social media during this period.

When bloggers hear my stats they assume that I must be posting to social media like a demon possessed, but this is not the case. In fact, I am more lackadaisical with my posting than most spirituality bloggers. I don’t focus on social media as much as I probably should, but I will get to that later.

In the last 6 months I have:

Posted to Instagram 90 times (average about once every 2 days)

Posted to Facebook 84 times (average about once every 2 day)

Tweeted 191 times (average about once a day)       

Pinned 8,300 times (average about 40 Pins per day)

Sent out 12 newsletters (average fortnightly)

Published 161 blogposts (average about once every day or two)

These stats look pretty impressive but, to be honest, they’re very misleading. Consistency is something which I struggle with. I have this awful habit of posting 20 blogs or Instagram posts a day then nothing for weeks. Consistency is defo something I am going to work on for 2018.

Other than the amount of blogs I wrote, I am not happy with the above stats because idealy they should have looked something like:

Posted to Instagram 392 times (average twice a day)

Posted to Facebook 392 times (average twice a day)

Tweeted 980 times (average about five times a day)          

Pinned 196,000 times (average about 100 Pins per day)

Sent out 24 newsletters (average weekly, at least but more during launches)

I have found these stats to be the most effective when growing a blog and website and I have successfully stuck to this ritual when I have ran other websites but not this one. That being said, I think this is going to be my most successful website and it is by far the fastest growing so social media posting is useful but overrated.

PRE-MAY 2017

I actually officially introduced this site at the very end of April and most of my friends and followers knew about it by May 1st. Therefore, I don’t really count April as the first month so I am going to discuss what lead up to May and how I ended up with this website.

The year started off pretty shitty. I had no website, a Facebook page which had 0 reach, a tiny email list (100 people) who kept unsubscribing and a Pinterest page which didn’t work. Desperate for change, I sunk hundreds (probably close to £500) into a years hosting on Wordpress, domains, plugins and themes.

Long story short, I didn’t have the emotional energy for that nonsense and I ended up not actually going for the concept I spent the whole of January and February building towards. Moral of the story? Don’t invest in things unless you’re 1000% sure it is what you want otherwise, you just waste time and money.

During March, a similar thing happened. I had built a site like, but not like, what Divination and Fortune-Telling would become. As before, I could sense the timing and concept wasn’t right so I scraped it.

On top of a lack of direction, I had the problem of not being able to promote my new site the same way I promoted my last sites and knowing this affected my decisions. I used to be in associations and could post to their Facebook groups to bring in traffic but I couldn’t do this now. Also, the algorithms on social media complete changed, Facebook ads were expensive and I needed a new game plan. Not knowing how the hell I was going to grow this new site sunk me into a bit of a depression.

To be honest, I think my most major problem was that 2015 and 2016 were very difficult years for me and I just needed time to heal. I wasn’t ready to go all out yet. I knew I had to savor my energy for the mammoth task which would be my new site so for the rest of March I basically focused on my health and climbed a mountain with my best friend Murray.

So, I pretty much wasted January, February, March and the first 3 weeks of April because I was confused, tired and lacked direction.


I can remember being so pissed off with myself by April. I had all of these plans and things I wanted to achieve in 2017 and suddenly it was a quarter of the way through the year and I was still in the same position! So, I quickly registered the domain name for and began to do the background work on the site.

People ask me why I named the website that and to be honest, I have no idea. I wasn’t really thinking and it was a spur of the moment type of thing. I think I just really felt the pressure to get something out there and become a presence online again. Folk forget about you quickly if you’re not active and I sense the clock was ticking (or so I thought).

By this point, I had started to invest financially in the website. My site hosting for SquareSpace is around $30 per month and my newsletter was $29. I was split testing ConvertKit and MailChimp for April and some of May, which was another $10. Therefore, I obviously wanted to get to the point where I was making money to cover my costs but I will get to that later.

I introduced the site at the very end of April and created a new newsletter, Pinterest and Facebook page to go along with it. Other than that the only following I had was about 300 Facebook friends, 800 Instagram followers and 900 Twitter followers, many of whom were not really interacting with me other than maybe 2 dozen loyal followers from my previous blogs.(2018 update: I now have a new Instagram and Twitter Page). 

From the previous websites I had ran I kept 32 of the old blogposts and published them on my new site. I think when you launch a blog it is good to have something on there for social sharing and things like that.

I kept the articles which I knew would be valuable SEO wise. Years ago, I had translated French sources which taught How to Read Etteilla Tarot. To this day, there isn’t much in English on Etteilla so these articles have a strong chance of appearing at the top of Google, therefore I kept them for my new site.


To begin with, I focused heavily on the business side of divination. I had written a free course, Master Mystic, which taught how to develop a spirituality business and many of my newsletters and blogs were about business development.

I focused on teaching business development up until half way through May. I enjoyed talking about business development but, I could see that the site was growing much slower than I anticipated and this stressed me out big time.

To top it off, I had typed up a lot of information on Lenormand meanings and combinations and didn’t know what to do with the tens of thousands of words I had written: should I put them in a book or publish them online? What was more important to me, the money or the site hits? I knew the site badly needed traffic so I published all 36 meanings and combinations on the site’s blog.

I had done the smart thing by optimizing the Lenormand posts for Pinterest users. Before I knew it, I was seeing hundreds of shares on my posts. I had tried and tried over the years to crack Pinterest without success but in May I finally did it and it was a great feeling. Once I mastered Pinterest I started to worry less about where my traffic was going to come from.

Although I am glad I published the Lenormand posts on my blog, I do have regrets. One thing which I did wrong in May was that I made the free download on the Lenormand posts Master Mystic. Most of the people who read the posts didn’t want a business development download, they wanted a Lenormand one but I didn’t provide that. I think I missed out on a lot of potential subscribers by not making my Lenormand Combinations eBook sooner.

However, one thing which I did well early on was making SEO a priority. I knew that this time around getting to the top of Google for my chosen search terms would be a lot harder: there are a lot more spirituality and divination bloggers now than there was 4 years ago when I started online. But I was optimistic from the beginning that I could at least get on the first page of Google for some things, and I am so happy now that I did this early on.

One way you can improve your SEO, is by doing guest posts. I had been asked to write a guest post for the TABI blog, which I did, because I was going to be speaking at one of their events (more on this later). I noticed that being linked by them did improve my ranking.

I had finished split testing Mailchimp and ConvertKit by the end of May and decided to stick with ConvertKit, so had to import my subscribers from Mailchimp. Overall, from the first full month in May I had around 183 email subscribers. I stuck with ConvertKit because I was using content upgrades and freebies to grow my list. I nearly hit 4000 site views my first month, which wasn’t too bad.


June was actually embarrassingly slow. I got like 10 subscribers in June and about 2000 site hits.

Basically, a lot of my subscribers had come from a tab which said “freebies”! When people were cruising my website, they would click on ‘freebies’ and download the ones they wanted (this is how they would get on my email list). However, when I was showing someone how to develop a SquareSpace website, I had made the freebies page invisible by accident and didn’t notice. So, no one who visited the site could download my freebies and join my email list in June.

June was make or break for several aspects of my website. I had planned to bring out a paid program for professional psychics which taught them how to develop their businesses but I could see that it just wouldn’t work. Based on the conversion rates of visitors into subscribers, I knew that I would need to run the course for at least 6 months (plus a whole lot of financial investment) before I broke even. Therefore, it made financial sense to put that project on the back burner until the future.

I had 200 people on my email list but the site was costing me money so I decided I better hurry up and launch something. Therefore, I launch my Court Card Masterclass course which covered the cost of the website and them some. I only made the course available for a few weeks.

In an ideal world, you would only launch products and services if you have around 1,000 people on your email list. They say that once your list hits this point you will make around $1 per month per person on your list and, from experience, I can say I have found this statistic more or less to be accurate. And, no, social media followers don’t count because the conversion rate for a follower is much, much lower than it is for a subscriber.

However, there will be times when you have a small list and don’t want to wait until the golden 1000. If this is the case, then you can encourage your list to buy by making your courses and workshops time sensitive and only available for a limited period. Scarcity encourages people to act. I have already did this twice with Divination and Fortune Telling and that is how the site makes money without having anything available to buy all of the time (but soon this will change).  

My biggest regret from June was probably not launching the court card course as well as I could have. I had planned to do this elaborate, crazy launch but just hit publish on a whim. I defiantly could have made a lot more money if I did a better launch.

Between May and June, I also did a website rebrand. That is pretty much how this website ended up with the warm color palette, logo, and fortune teller styled photography. Rebranding meant that I spent a lot of time just taking and uploading pictures, so that can also explain the slow growth in June.


July was the turning point for the website. It. Changed. Everything.

My Lenormand posts were still getting a lot of attention, and I realized that most of my readers were jumping back and forward looking for combinations. Therefore, I decided to create the free Lenormand Combination eBook and make it available on the site. Holy shit, that thing blew up. On the first day, I had gotten more subscribers from it than what I had gotten the previous month, so I knew I was onto something special.

That was the point I got this crazy idea; imagine if I did a similar thing, but for Tarot. What would happen if I had Tarot card meanings and a freebie on the site? I thought about it for a minute. One part of me dreaded the idea due to the amount of work involved but the other part thought up the possibilities of having something like that on my website. I made the decision to go for it.

I decided that I would publish the Court Card meanings first because they fit in with the course I was still offering on the site. I was also seeing if I had the strength to write those 16,000 words and if I did I knew I could write 78,000.

I typed from morning till night, no breaks, hardly any food. I just typed, took pictures, formatted, uploaded, posted to Pinterest. First all 16 Court Card meanings, next all 22 Major meanings.

During this month, I joined group boards on Pinterest and began pinning my pins to them. Suddenly, my traffic exploded and my blogposts were getting shared thousands of times, I was getting subscribers everyday it was insane.

At the end of July, I travelled down to England to give a presentation on Gypsy fortune telling for TABI. I wasn’t even nervous, I just talked for 2 hours haha I absolutely loved it. I got a ton of new subscribers and on the way back home I typed up more Tarot card meanings for my blog.

Don’t even ask me how but in-between all of this, I also launched a Lenormand course, which was available for 21 days. I was just so on that I spent days just recording, typing, going as fast as possible. It was like all of the energy I had saved up from the start of the year came out in one big burst and things were happening. July was the point of no return when all of the hard work began to pay off.

By the end of July, my email list had doubled to around 400 people and my site was getting 5,500 people per month. I had also made a pretty penny from my Lenormand course. Things were looking up!


For the first 3 weeks of August, I didn’t do pretty much anything. I had written 3 blogposts but other than that I was just so tired from July that I had burnt myself out, plus I had other work to get done so didn’t have the time to devote too much to my website.

I think that I was procrastinating a bit during August. I knew that I still had another 40 Tarot meaning blogposts to get up and really just couldn’t be bothered lol however, I forced myself to write the Swords, Pentacles and Wands card meanings and get them up on the site (plus several other posts). It was brutal, I just wanted to lie in my bed but I got it done.

To top off my lack of energy, I had a niggling feeling at the back of my mind which wouldn’t go away.

I hated the name of my website, because it didn’t fit with all of the divination information which was now on the site. I had also discovered that a sexual spirituality site with a very similar name had popped up and I didn’t want to be associated with it. Most importantly, I realized that the name was available and that name was just too good SEO wise to turn down!

One thing which really put me off, was that my Lenormand card meanings were starting to appear at the top of Google and I felt like I was ruining all of my hard work by essentially starting again with a new site address. But, as time went on I was getting more and more shares and falling further and further down the rabbit hole: change was to come now or never.

Another thing I was struggling with was the fact that, if I changed the site’s name, I would have to crawl through the website and rebrand (again) and didn’t know if I could handle that emotionally. The watermark for rich, sexy, spiritual was on EVERYTHING. And I have arthritis in my hands and tendonitis in my right shoulder, changing shit is literally painful and oh so difficult.

Despite the above, I knew that was the name for me, so I bit the bullet and changed the name of the site. It took weeks to change all of the branded photographs and internal links but eventually it was done.

Ultimately, despite dragging my feet, in August I seen 588 new subscribers and it was the first month the site got 10K+ site hits.


Still tired from the previous months, I told myself I was going to have a rest in September but it didn’t work out that way haha.

By September, I began to notice the affects of the site name change and my subscribers began to dip. This was, ultimately, down to the fact that I deleted my pins which had the old site branding on them but thousands of shares and replaced them with new ones with the DivinationAndFortuneTelling name. It takes a while for your pins to gain traction and I was really feeling it during September.

However, because I had the site name redirected properly, the name change did not negatively impact my SEO. After only a few weeks Bing and Google realized the site was being redirected and the DivinationAndFortuneTelling name began to appear in place of the old name. For the first time, my hits from search engines out numbered my hits from social media.

In September, I had managed to get the rest of the Cups meanings up on the website. However, I didn’t get as much work done as I would have liked. I had this crazy plan to get all of these symbolism and palmistry posts on the site but I just didn’t have the energy. However, it was nice to see that the site’s traffic was consistently above the 10K mark without me having to do much work.

During September, I got 164 new newsletter subscribers and over 10K site hits which was amazing for so much little work.


Now, the big month! October surpassed all of my wildest expectations, I thought I would maybe hit 900 subscribers and scrape 12,500 site hits. In October DivinationAndFortuneTelling got 22,500 site hits and, today, the newsletter is at 1,100+ subscribers. Unreal ha!

This actually happened a bit by mistake. I accidently requested Google crawl my site (long story) and obviously they realized it was well optimized and bumped us up to the first page for lots of search terms.

At first, I thought it was a complete fluke and then soon things would settle down. But, as the days have went on, my traffic has stabilized to between 800-1100 hits per day without any social media posting other than like 5 pins per day which is just CRAZY.

During October I did a mini social series on Court Cards, with some posting to FacebookInstagram and Twitter. I basically did it to measure how much traffic I was getting from each source and I can confidently say, not any where near as much as through Pinterest, Google and Bing, but I think I will focus on these platforms in the future.

Other than the insane traffic, October was my quiet month. I didn’t write too many blogposts and was relatively calm. I even attended a few parties and lost 15lbs at the gym! It was nice to have some time off from typing!

Over the last 6 months, there were moments in time when I beat myself up for not posting enough to social media or not growing my social followings enough. But I look at my stats and where they are now and I don’t think I would change too much from the last 6 months. I wouldn’t type that much again right enough but other than that everything worked out perfectly.


I want to increase my traffic and reach. I still have a ton of blogs and magazines I am meant to be guest posting on which I haven’t got round to doing. I also have hundreds of blog post ideas which I want to publish on my own site.

Doing online workshops is still a huge ambition of mine and is defo something I am going to start prioritizing. If we’re friends on my personal Facebook, look out because soon I will be requesting some volunteer students before Divination and Fortune Telling Workshops go public.

Obviously, one of my goal is more consistent posting to social media. Recently, I have gotten right into using Snapchat so will be incorporating this into my plan to teach divination some time soon. 

Other than those few things, mostly for the rest of 2017, I think I am going to focus on creating things for 2018. Now that my subscribers are above the 1000 mark, it is worth my time launching some courses and having evergreen products on the website.

I don’t want to go too wild and burn myself out before next year. However, I know that I am going into 2018 with a crazy plan! I always think that the back end of a year is a wonderful opportunity for sewing the seeds for the year ahead. But first, we are going to have to see what November and December bring.

Till next month, Lisa xx 

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