Business Report: September 2017

(Note: This business report was originally written before the creation of this website, at the time listed on the heading (September 2017). This report show where my head was at during that particular time. These reports track how I built my main website which is now my main source of income, and sees over 350K hits a month. I have published them here to show how my business has developed so - if you’re interested, read on!)

I created Divination & Fortune-Telling around May 2017 and started my newsletter, Facebook Page and Pinterest account to go along with it. Therefore, these site reports will give you my journey from pretty much the bottom to wherever I am going. 


September Site Views: +10.7k

September Newsletter Subscribers: +164

September Pinterest Followers: +100

September Facebook Likers: +14

September Twitter Followers: +17

September Instagram Followers: +5


Total Site Views: 34k

Total Newsletter Subscribers: 753

Total Pinterest Followers: 403

Total Facebook Likers: 183

Total Twitter Followers: 1216

Total Instagram Followers: 2100

You will see that this is our second month in a row hitting above the 10k monthly views mark! So it is safe to say that this is Divination and Fortune-Telling’s new normal! I am so happy about this, words can’t describe!

At the start of the month, I didn’t do much (if any) posting or promoting to the site. One of the reasons for this, was that I needed a break. Another reason why I didn’t post too much was because I wanted to see how well the site would sustain itself without me.

Your website or blog cannot rely on you to promote it 24/7, because this is not sustainable. You have to know that, if something happens, you can take time off if you need to do so. I wanted to see how my site would cope without me promoting it, and I am happy to say that the experiment went well!

Although my stats are pretty much the same as they were for August (which I am happy about) the site, newsletter and social media hasn’t seen much growth. I want my stats to improve from the month before, not stay the same. I think I know why this is so I will discuss it below. 



Four years ago when I first began blogging, one of the first things I did was hop onto Amazon and order a book on SEO. I can honestly say that learning how to optimise my websites was one of the best moves I have ever made.

For those who do not know, you can ‘optimise’ your website to give it a better chance of ranking in search engines. The webpages which appear on the top of Google for certain search terms (such as ‘astrology’ or ‘palmistry’) have a good SEO strategy. If you do not, then your site is not well optimised.

I am not going to lie, getting to the top of Google (or even Bing) for your chosen search terms is not easy. However, if you know how to go about doing it, your site will basically promote itself. Imagine if you could appear on the first page of Google for any search term and get traffic while you sleep? Although difficult, it is possible.

In August, I had to work my ass off because the SEO had not yet kicked into my site properly. Last month, I only seen 376 hits from search engines;

However, this month I literally did barely any work but still had similar stats to last month. One of the reasons for this was that my SEO has began to kick in and I received 1000 more hits from Google:

Not too bad!


Getting the Etteilla, Lenormand and Tarot card meanings on my website was similar to giving birth through my brain (ha) so traumatic and difficult, but oh so worth it!

A couple of years ago when I was about 24/25, I unexpectedly developed arthritis in my hands. Because it has gotten worst with typing, I know that blogging 100 times a week is not a long term plan (every now and then is alright but not all of the time).   

Going into 2017, I went through a stage where I didn’t want to blog anymore. I thought that I was finished with blogging, but the drive to create an online divination library was so strong I just couldn’t resist or settle until I gave it a bash.  

I know how important having information on my website is for what I am trying to achieve. This is the Divination and Fortune Telling website, so I decided that we must have an online library of some type! Therefore, I couldn’t resist getting all of the meanings up on this site, for my readers.

I’m gonna be straight up I have health issues which cause chronic pain and tiredness. I also have an 11 year old daughter who has autism. Therefore, most days I want nothing more than to lie on the couch watching the Crime and Investigation Channel, especially considering that I have not monetised the website yet so am not relying on it financially.

But here’s the thing, although I believe in self-care, I also believe in pushing past the bullshit and achieving your goals no matter what. I am not an excuse type of person. It takes a lot of willpower and dedication to create an online reference and if this is something you intend on doing on your own website you have to just get up, put your comfortable pants on and get it done. Then when you’re done you can reward yourself by lying on the couch! It can be difficult, but don’t confuse self-care with a ‘can’t be arsed’ attitude.


For the last year I have been jumping around with a mobile which I couldn’t have all of my business apps on due on lack of memory. Honestly, it was so annoying! Not only do I need social media apps but accounting apps, picture editing apps, along with my millions of blog photographs! It was so annoying that I was constantly having to delete stuff!

So, this month I bought myself an iPhone 8 and honestly it was the best business decision I have made in a long time. I can now have all of my information, apps and stats in one place and I don’t have to drag my iMac out to look something up. Also, it takes amazing photographs.

Every few months I usually have a picture day where I take hundreds of photographs at once for blogs, social media graphics etc. It looks like I will be having one soon so keep your eyes peeled for tons of well edited, crisp photographs! 



I wish I hadn’t have taken so much time off and just bashed away at my website. I know that my stats would have been soooooo much better if I would have just gritted my teeth and worked on my site. However, that is always easy enough to say after the fact!


For months, (even the last year) I have been approached by people who want me to write guest posts for their websites, appear in their podcasts or be interviewed for their YouTube channel. And I have always said yes, but not right now.

If you’re wanting to really grow your audience, one of the fastest ways to do so is through other people’s platforms. Not only are you exposed to their audience (and get more followers and subscribers this way) but being linked to by other websites increases your SEO. BUT the catch is that you must be very clear on what your goals are.

The reason why I have always said, “not right now” is because I wasn’t 100% certain what I wanted to achieve with this website until I began working on it! My focus was very unclear and I was a bit all over the place. I always knew I wanted to take my predictive divination courses online, but I knew something was off (that something ended up being the site’s name which I recently changed).

Because I am certain of what I would like to achieve I am now going to submit some guest posts and magazine articles over the next month or two. Therefore, watch this space!


I wanted to do a lot better in September than I had in August and that didn’t happen, which was kind of shit. I also had planned to do online workshops which didn’t happen either.

I am going to be launching some paid courses and workshops soon. However, in the lead up to that, I wanted to do some free workshops for a few weeks so I could grow my email list and connect with my audience. I thought this was something I would have achieved by now, but clearly not!

Another thing I wanted to do was to expand the fortune-telling symbol meanings on the website and create a Palmistry area. However, I obviously never got round to doing this either. Adding new areas to my library is actually a lot more work than creating online workshops, so I want to get this stressful part out of the way first.

For the next two weeks I am going to add to our online resources and then, once that is done, I am going to start doing free online workshops. Therefore, keep your eyes opened for that! 

My goals for next month, is to increase my stats by around 25% so for October, I would like to achieve: 

Site Hits: +12.5k monthly hits

Newsletter Subscribers: +205 new subscribers 

Facebook Likers: +18 new likers 

Instagram Followers: +6 new followers

Pinterest Followers: +125 new followers

Twitter Followers: +21 new followers 

I think the above stats are realistic but hopefully I get a bit more than that! 

Thank you for reading Septembers website report! I have a feeling that October is going to be a huge month here at Divination and Fortune-Telling so thank you for being along for the ride. 

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