Business Report: May 2018

(Note: This business report was originally written before the creation of this website, at the time listed on the heading (May 2018). This report show where my head was at during that particular time. These reports track how I built my main website which is now my main source of income, and sees over 350K hits a month. I have published them here to show how my business has developed so - if you’re interested, read on!)

I can’t believe it has been one month since I did the last site review (which was a review of my first year running Divination and Fortune-Telling, check that out here). Time has just moved so, so fast and I have got lots done on the back end of this blog and website. 

If you’re new to these ‘Psychic Business Reports’ they are basically blog reports of my site traffic and my business, Divination & Fortune-Telling. This is the second year of this blog’s life and after year one I set 15 goals which I wanted this site to hit before the end of year two. These reports detail how I am doing with these goals. 

 As I said in the last review, I was super determined to get my ass in gear and hit my goals. I don’t think I published as much content on the site as I would have liked but hey there is always this month! 

I actually also took 2 weeks off this month. This is the first time I have actually took time off for more than a day since January 2017! I really needed to as the quality of my work was suffering. I was getting to the point where I felt really tired, burnt out and dreaded working. When I nearly published an e-book with 2 chapters missing, I knew it was time for a break! 

During my time off, I did lots of things with friends and family. We went to the beach, to parks, to theme parks, had barbeques, it was great. After I had a bit of time off, I went back to work and got back to goal hitting. 

So, here is a breakdown of how I am doing for my 15 yearly goals: 

Site and Influence 

Get 1 Million Site Hits Per Month 

This month, Divination and Fortune-Telling seen nearly 160,000 site hits and had nearly 80,000 unique visitors. That’s a 30,000 hit increase from the month before which is just insane. 

Most of my site hits came from Google and other search engines. Hardly any of it came from social media. I am actually pretty disappointed that so little of my traffic landed on my site from social media because, to me, it is a reminder that I need to up my social media game. 

I do plan on heavily promoting on social media in the future but right now I am so focused on creating things which I can sell, I don’t really have the time. Now that I have a few things which I can offer, I think that I will come up with a more thought out social media strategy (maybe not right away but soon). 

I know that my traffic is increasing naturally right now but I know it isn't going to continue to grow unless I get some more new content on the site. Therefore, I think that I should also be making content creation more of a priority. 

Increase Subscribers to 10,000

I got over 400 new subscribers this month which is okay but I probably would have seen more than this. The real number is actually closer 700 but I had to clean my email list and delete some subscribers. 

I had to send out a couple of GDPR emails to ask my email list if they would still like to be on my list and (if not) remove them. GDPR is basically a new data protection law which states that you must have permission from your list to send them emails. 

All of my list signed up to my newsletter when they downloaded a free guide or took a free workshop and I made it pretty clear and obvious that this would happen when they did so. However, to cover my ass I asked my list, again, if they would like to join my newsletter. I also made other changes so that this site is compliant with GDPR such as changing up the freebie boxes and updating my company’s Privacy Policy.  

I do feel as though my newsletter is at a point I am happy with, so growing it isn't at the forefront of my mind like it used to be. However, I do have a feeling that I should be growing it a bit more so will have to think of ways I can do this. 

Write Weekly Newsletters for Subscribers 

I have surprised myself and stuck to my plan for writing weekly newsletters. They’re not always on the same day but they are weekly. I think that I should make it more of a priority to make them weekly!

I’ll be heavily promoting my new e-book and bundle in June so newsletters is going to be something my subscribers will be seeing a lot of.  

Make 12 Guest Post Appearances 

This month, I did two guest post appearances. One of them does not go public until July and the other I did just the other day (31stof May). 

The first was an article I wrote for a website called Folklore Thursday about Romany Gypsy culture, symbolism etc. I was actually quite nervous to submit this article because it’s an academic website; a lot of the other bloggers and contributors are PhDs and professors, which was a bit intimidating! I wasn’t sure if my writing style would be a good fit for the site but they loved it so the post is getting published in July. 

The second appearance I made was on the podcast, The Divination Table hosted by diviner Michael Lennon. I absolutely loved the interview. There was so much to talk about and we went over our time a bit. Even though I am not as comfortable with podcasts as I am with writing, I still had an epic time and would defo do it again.   


Publish Another 4 E-Books 

I made some good progress with this goal. Even though I didn’t publish a new e-book, I did finish writing my ‘Psychic in Business’ e-book. However, because I didn’t publish it, I would say that I didn’t hit any e-book goals this month. 

At first, I was going to publish the Psychic in Business e-book as just an e-book. However, throughout the book I do make the point that having a blog, newsletter and SEO skills is very important. The e-book already ran into 130 pages.

Psychic in Business will launch this week (wahoo!) If you want to know more about what is included in the e-book you can check that out here

Publish a Print Book

I didn’t make any progress on writing or publishing a print book this month. 

Publish Another 20 Blogposts 

I also didn’t publish any new blogposts on Divination and Fortune-Telling this month. 


Run Another 10 Divination Workshops

I didn’t run any Divination Workshops this month 

Update all 6 Site Freebies

I made some progress on updating the site freebies. At the very start of the month, I had retired this site’s free Psychic Business course, Master Mystic and replaced it with the Psychic and Making Money Guide. This guide lists all the ways which you can make money as a professional in the psychic industry from things like readings, e-books, events, podcasts and more.

I have updated the Etteilla freebie, but haven’t uploaded it yet (so it doesn’t count!). I know that I still need to update my sales pages but my freebies mention the sales pages and this is a reason why I have been dragging my feet a bit! 

Update Site 

Although you cannot see any changes, I have actually made a lot of changes to the site which will be more obvious in the coming weeks. 

I am trying to optimize my site for more conversions. Conversions is basically the rate which people act upon the site by signing up to the newsletter, buying something etc. There are certain designs and layouts which convert better than others, so I am working on this. 

I also want to make the site easier to navigate for my visitors. I hate that there are articles all over the place which are great reads but which most visitors will never see. Therefore, I am making them easier to find.

Although I have made a lot of backend progress, these changes are not yet visible so I can’t really say that I have achieved this goal. 

Create Free Beginner’s Tarot Course

I didn’t make any progress on creating this site’s free Tarot course. 


Start Membership Site

At the very start of this month, my entire family went away and stayed in trailers in a different part of the UK so I had tones of time to myself (I stayed home and watched the animals lol). This meant that I made a lot of progress on the membership site. 

I managed to record more videos for the Tarot Techniques and Learn Lenormand courses which will be membership perks. Although I have made progress there is still so much work to get done. I am aiming for a Summer launch, so the membership will become available either at the end of July or the end of August. 

Unlike everything else on my site, the membership will not be constantly open to buy: I will be launching it every 3 or 4 months for a limited time. Doing things this way ensures that I can give members my attention 100%. These launches will be a lot of work but I know they will be well worth it!

Get 100 Members to Membership Site 

I didn’t make any progress on getting new members for the membership site because it isn't launched yet. 


Stay off Fizzy Juice for a Year 

I have managed to break my fizzy juice habit, thank God! I can focus so much more clearly now on my work and am sleeping better which is great. I did have one day where I had sun sickness and felt terrible. Sun sickness was awful, I was ill for days. It started while I was a long way from home, baking in the heat and I had to drink Coke while I was dehydrating.

Loose Doctor’s Recommended 20lbs 

I have been sticking to my doctor’s recommended diet and going to the gym which has been hard but I am seeing results. Doing this has really, helped with my work because my body isn't as sore. The more weight I am loosing, the less stress this is causing on my body which is translating into my business. 

I don’t know if it is just because I am hyper focused on my goals - or because I have improved my lifestyle - but mentally and emotionally I am much stronger. I have had contact with two people from my past recently and I handled it a lot better than I would have 6 months ago when I was all over the place. So, my goal hitting has had unexpected benefits. 

For next month, I plan on launching the Psychic in Business Bundle and doing the major edits to the website. So, let’s see how I get on! 

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