Business Report: December 2018

(Note: This business report was originally written before the creation of this website, at the time listed on the heading (December 2017). This report show where my head was at during that particular time. These reports track how I built my main website which is now my main source of income, and sees over 350K hits a month. I have published them here to show how my business has developed so - if you’re interested, read on!)

Hi everyone hope you all are well and have had a great New Year! Divination and Fortune-Telling has seen many new subscribers recently, so I thought I would give a second to introduce the site’s monthly reports.   

Each month at Divination and I produce a monthly site report which details what has been happening and my goals for the following month. The whole point of the report is to keep subscribers informed and measure the popularity of divination. Doing the report means that I can see where best to serve visitors to the site, what diviners like, what’s working etc.

Typically, the site report goes out on the first of each month give or take a few days. This month’s report is a bit late because I have been hanging out with my family (festive period and all lol).

Here are DFT’s stats:

Site Hits: 35,000 hits in December (+7,000 from previous month’s 27K views)

Total Newsletter Subscribers: 1610 (+303 new in December)  

Total Facebook Likers: 261 (+54 new in December)

Total Pinterest Followers 553 (+105 new in December)

Total Instagram Followers: 0 (New)

Total Twitter Followers: 0 (New)

Total Snapchat Friends: 50 friends (New)

As usual Divination & Fortune-Telling has seen growth thanks to SEO kicking in. However, this month the site seen a massive increase in direct traffic meaning that people have been putting the site name directly into the address bar. This means, that a lot of the visitors to Divination& have visited the site, remembered it’s name and then came back at a later date. One reason for this, is because the site’s articles are useful. Another reason is because this month more than any other, I have made a conscious effort for the whole DFT experience to be educational for diviners.

Divination& is an educational website for people who wish to learn about divination and fortune-telling. My main goal (and company tagline) is to ‘spread the magic of divination’ and I have mostly did this through the website. However, in December I made more of an effort to educate through the newsletter and social media.

When I first came online with my divination antics 4-5 years ago I was a lot younger. Back then, my priority was promoting myself and gaining followers. There were many aspects to my business which I didn’t enjoy doing (such as giving readings online as opposed to teaching) and gaining followers was good for promoting my readings because having many followers resulted in social proof that my readings were good. Also, watching my follower numbers climb was exciting and validated my young ego.

By contrast to previous years, this last year, things have been different in several ways:

1. I have grew up a lot. I am not interested in vanity statistics anymore, I am only interested in teaching divination. Therefore, I now like to know that people are learning from what I am posting, not just liking my pages.

2. I have kept my face-to-face work and online work separate. This means that I can promote my teaching in the online world and my face-to-face stuff in the physical world. Therefore, my online work is less about self-promo and more about being useful.

Don’t get me wrong, I have made money online by selling online Tarot and Lenormand workshops which have been available for a limited time. However, I have not felt weird about doing this like I did when I was selling online readings because teaching is something I feel is more inline with my present life purpose. For me, focusing on teaching online feels right. Also, I know diviners are buying courses and workshops because they find what I am selling useful and they, in turn, use what I share to help others.

Due to my drive to educate, I decided to take drastic measures last year and delete a Facebook Page which had over 5000 likers but little educational value (you can read about that here). At the same time, I also created a new Pinterest account where I pin educational articles and stuff of interest to diviners. And, of course, in April/May last year, this website became a ‘thing’.

For the last 8 months, I have focused mostly on building this website and its newsletter, but so not much on social media. However, in December I decided to get my shit together and begin to provide a platform where people could get tips, share their opinions, do practice readings etc. So I started experimenting with Divination and Fortune-Telling’s Facebook Page.

Previously, I had only shared the odd meme and links to my website. However, this last month I have been sharing:

- More memes

- Practice Lenormand readings

- Practice Tarot readings

- Posts asking diviners what their opinions are for interpreting certain symbols (black cats, dragonflies etc)

- General life questions

- Links from my own and other people’s websites

Creating these posts has been super fun and has given other readers a platform for spreading the magic of divination. I’ve been told that two diviners have connected with each other after reading each other’s comments which is awesome! Because diviners are finding the page educational, taking part and making friends, I think the Facebook Page is a success. Therefore, in light of recent developments, I have decided to extend the project into other social platforms and make some changes to the way Divination and Fortune-Telling is run:


A major ambition of mine has been to do free online workshops and I am happy to say that it is finally happening! DivinationAndFortuneTelling’s first free workshop is going to be next Saturday the 13th of January and it is going to be on Court Card Direction and Agreement (an easy topic for my first free webinar!). Newsletters and links will go out on Sunday so keep your eyes peeled for that.

You will also notice that the website has had a mini makeover with brighter colors, some different photography, animated counter etc. The makeover only took a couple of minutes but I am in love with it already!

I would like to go into 2018 with a rainbow colored theme for Divination & Fortune-Telling. One of the reasons for this, is because a rainbow is one of my signs from my spirits (long story which I will tell another time). I see having the rainbow as a good omen for 2018.

Also, it has come to my attention that the 10 of Cups and 10 of Swords was missing from the Tarot Card Meanings list. No idea why that was but this has now been fixed.

Finally, my monthly site report’s name has been changed to ‘Lisa’s Monthly Check In’s’ because ‘Site Reports’ sounded too clinical and weird.


One of my goals for 2018 is to be crazy focused on sharing divination tips, publishing practice readings and asking diviners for their opinions on Instagram.

To achieve my goal, I have created a new Instagram (@DivinationTips). I wanted to start a new account because I am appealing to a very specific audience and need to keep my organic ‘reach’ up so that followers can see my posts to benefit from them.

Visually, I want to make the Instagram more appealing and continue with the rainbow/multi-coloured theme which I have on so my concept for the Instagram is to create a rainbow and alternate the main colors of the account periodically.

I am hoping that having a visually appealing as well as an educational account will attract more diviners and encourage them to take part (plus it looks pretty awesome).


I am VERY pleased to say that within the next 6-8 weeks, I will be launching Divination & Fortune-Telling’s first permanently available course. This year, I aim to launch something permanent every 12 weeks or so (not just one off workshops and master classes). I am going to spend this month working on this, so keep your eyes peeled!

So, that’s it folks! That has what has been happening in December and my goals for 2018! Hope you have had a great introduction to the year and feel free to follow and take part on Instagram!

Have a great first weekend of 2018!

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