Business Report: August 2017

(Note: This business report was originally written before the creation of this website, at the time listed on the heading (August 2017). This report show where my head was at during that particular time. These reports track how I built my main website which is now my main source of income, and sees over 350K hits a month. I have published them here to show how my business has developed so - if you’re interested, read on!)

I created this site around May 2017 and started my newsletter, Facebook Page and Pinterest account to go along with it. Therefore, these site reports will give you my journey from pretty much the bottom to wherever I am going.

August Site Views: +10.2k

August Newsletter Subscribers: +207

August Pinterest Followers: +103

August Facebook Likers: +39

August Twitter Followers: +20

August Instagram Followers:  +1000


Site Views: 23.3k

Newsletter Subscribers: 588

Pinterest Followers: 303

Facebook Likers: 169

Twitter Followers: 1200

Instagram Followers: 1195

You will notice that this month is my first month in hitting above the 10k mark! I am so ecstatic at getting to this point words can’t even describe how I am feeling!

I used to run a pretty popular website which achieved 10k hits every week. However, one day I deleted the site. I stupidly thought that level of hits would be easy to replicate on a new site but, little did I know, the game had gotten more competitive, algorithms changed, Google was more of a struggle to get on and it was much harder to start from the bottom.

I’m not ashamed to admit that the one careless move of deleting my first website - and the realization of how stupid I was for doing so – had sunk me into a deep depression (read about that here).

That was around 2 years ago now. Since then I have ran multiple blogs trying to get them back to that level but I have seen slow growth and little success (probably because my heart wasn’t really in it like it is for this site). However, everything changed with this site.

I knew this site was going to be a massive game changer for me. I can just feel how important it is. It’s so true and authentic to who I am, what I want to teach and what I believe in and I feel this authenticity plays a huge role in the site’s success.

Another thing you’ll notice is that one day I had lots of subscribers (close to 40) and then another day I had 0. This is quite a common thing to happen with everyone and is usually related to world events and people being interested in other things, such as Christmas or what’s on the news so I tend not to worry about fluctuations too much.

Finally, you will see that I increased my Instagram followers by about 1000 people. I don’t know if this actually happened or if I just wrote down my last months count wrong! However, I have noticed that I have gotten a lot of new followers recently even though I haven’t been posting much. Therefore, I am guessing that someone put my Insta address in a blogpost or something which would account for all of the new followers (if anyone knows please tell me lol).


The biggest change this website has seen this month is the change of name from Rich, Sexy, Spiritual to Divination and Fortune-Telling! Obviously this was a massive decision which I didn't take lightly. However, I am just so enthusiastic and over the moon with the name I could just cry because it's so perfect ha

The name change marks the point where I commit fully to this being the website for divination and fortune telling. This mental shift has really increased my motivation and drive to make this site phenomenal. Not that I wasn't committed before but having this concrete energy of 'divination' around the site has just given me so much more clarity.

This is the website I want people to come to when they want to learn divination and fortune telling and this name makes it obvious that this is what the site is for. Even just saying the name makes it seem so powerful! The name ‘Divination and Fortune Telling’ is so to the point and this was a major motivation behind changing it.

Also, another reason I wanted to change the name was because of a branding issue. Around two months after I set up this website another spirituality site with an almost identical name launched. I was made aware of this site pretty much straight away and it was a minor annoyance in the background. Although I know there will be other sites with similar names to mine the Rich, Sexy, Spiritual name was so distinctive it could be easily be confused with another site of the same name. And the other site was posting stuff about the spirituality of dildos and things of that nature which I would rather distance myself from for cultural reasons. So, that was another thing which played a role in me wanting to change the name. 

The name change has helped the popularity of the website in unexpected ways. For example, we are now the top of for the search term 'divination and fortune telling' which is just CRAZY. First Bing next Google!


I'm glad that I got my head down and added more quality content. In all, I've added about 30 new posts to the site this month which has really helped to push the views and subscribers up (thank you!)

On top of the new posts, I also updated the posts which I knew had potential but which weren't getting enough interaction. I updated the Pins and added better content. These posts seem to now being shared like wild fire and getting lots of online attention. Among the most successful updated posts are Answering Yes or No Using Tarot Cards (492 shares in 2 weeks), Selecting a Tarot Significator (497 shares in 2 weeks) and Running a Psychic Business in Bad Health (101 shares in 2 weeks).

People think the amount of work I can get done is mad and they're probably right. Blogging is a skill which you get better at and I've been doing this for 3 or 4 years. I used to think that writing 2000 word reports over weeks were difficult but now I can write up to 10,000 words while my daughter is at school, while having arthritis in my hands and tendonitis in my shoulder. If you want it you work like a demon!

That being said I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting all of the Tarot card meanings posts onto the website but it's been a tough month. My daughter has autism and has started a new school which is obviously a challenge. A lot of my emotional energy went to her, not writing. She is my priority so I don't feel too bad but I'll have more time in September for writing (more on that below).


I'm glad that I changed the name early on. It wasn't something which I jumped into but it was something which I knew that I had to make a decision on quickly.

If you want to change your name do it fast. As your website gets built up, more and more people are going to see your posts and get to know the name you have. If you don't make the transition early your audience will find it hard to adjust and you'll lose subscribers and interest from people who are attached to your old name. Therefore, you're best to change quickly.


At first, I wasn't going to change all of my branding, pins and things like that. However, I've been on other websites who had changed their name but left their old branding and it looks really sloppy and unprofessional. I didn't pump all of the time and money I have into this website to fall at that hurdle so I decided to go through my website and fix the branding.

Changing all of my branding on 100+ blogposts was hard as shit. Honestly, it took weeks, a lot longer than I thought it would. Having to comb through everything really held me back and meant that I couldn't get other things done I wanted to achieve (such as uploading all of the Tarot card meanings).

I can't say that I wish I would have gone with the Divination & Fortune Telling name first because I didn't know this was the direction I was going to go in. It's quite a big step to say "I want this to be the Divination and Fortune Telling website". However, in the end my mindset changed and I really decided to go for it. But I was still stuck with the naming situation so I suppose it was unavoidable.

I did noticed that, in some ways, once the changes began to take affect they stunted the site’s growth and kept it at a consistent level without increasing. Previously, I had seen growth everyday but there was a couple of weeks in there where my stats remained steady. This is probably down to me deleting old pins and having to wait for the new ones to gain momentum. However, things will pick back up within the next month or two so this isn’t something which worries me too much.


Everyone who has followed me online for years knows I used to run a considerably large Facebook page (5000+ likers). I built my page back when Facebook was hot shit and the algorithm was good. I eventually had to delete my page but obviously I still morn it a bit so wanted to build my current page back up to that level.

I had a Facebook 'like' box on Divination & Fortune Telling and my likes have improved. However, I'm still not seeing a substantial return on the investment I'm putting in. Basically, on Pinterest my pins are seen by 90K people but on Facebook I'm lucky if my posts are seen by 200. And it's nothing to do with followers, it's related to reach; I only have 300 followers on Pinterest and 170ish followers on Facebook. Obviously, I'm gonna focus my energy on where gets the most interaction and that's Pinterest.

I also have a tainted view of Facebook. I have had some pretty bad experiences with friends and business associates I met through the platform and I think this has, overtime, colored how I view the whole Facebook world. Not only that but all I seem to see any time I log in is arguments, fights, people getting upset, and even racist posts about my people (an occurrence which is VERY common in the spiritual industry) and these things mean that Facebook is just not fun for me anymore. And I have a strong suspicion that if I'm feeling disillusioned with Facebook, most of my likers probably are or will in the near future. Therefore, I don't think it makes much business sense to place too much emphasis on my Facebook business page. 

Still, I don't want to put all of my eggs in the Pinterest basket so I decided to focus on Instagram as well. I think Instagram is super positive and everyone on there seems to be really nice to each other and it's where the happy readers hang out! I also want to start targeting a younger demographic who are interested in learning divination and Instagram seems like the right place to attract them. So, I'll be posting my divination and fortune-telling tips, tricks and announcements there mostly with posts to my Twitter and Facebook pages here and there.


Forever, it has been my dream to teach divination and fortune-telling full time but I have never permanently stepped into that roll. I have stayed in the roll of reader. Because I have been a reader most of my life I always identify as a reader; I think this mindset is keeping me stuck.

I feel like teaching is one of the most important things to me in the world but I've never really committed to making it a reality. I've never pushed until it happened.  And I think the one thing which is holding me back is having one foot in being a teacher but my mind in being a doer; this is something I have to change.

Circumstances have made it so that I have to take a step back from reading for the Fall season (family and health stuff). Although this is tragic I'm taking it as an opportunity because I'll have a lot more time due to not doing readings. I plan to work towards launching the teaching part of my career in the hopes that - by 2018 - I will be doing this full time with only the odd reading here and there from my regulars.

It's funny because I decided just the other day that I was going to finally take the break. That day, I seen someone who I haven't seen in a long time and they asked me what I did for a living. Without hesitation I told them I was a reader and gave them my business information. When I walked away I thought to myself, "ugh why did I say that"! Ha but that's when I realized my mind wasn't yet caught up with the plans in my heart.


During my time off I am going to update the ‘Lenormand’ course. After taking in the feedback from previous students during the soft launch 2 months ago, I can see where I can make the course even better. I am unsure when I am going to launch this course but it will be some time in 2018.

I also have lots of posts I want to get up on the site, many of them related to palmistry and symbolism. I am aiming for at least one new post every week (which will also be in the newsletter) plus anything else I can conjure up! Of course, the first thing which I will need to get done will be to upload the rest of the Tarot card meanings which should be done and dusted some time this week.

In September, I will also be doing some painting. I need Tarot card images which I can print, publish and use as I see fit over and over again and the simplest (and cheapest) way to achieve this is to create my own images. I am unsure yet if I will publish the completed deck, we will have to wait and see!   

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